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The Fascinating Future of WordPress in 2013 and Beyond


WordPress has just celebrated its 9th birthday, making now the perfect time to look to the future to see where the world's most popular CMS is heading. After some extensive research, feverish digging, and a fair amount of trend watching from the plugin and theme developer communities, I've identified the key innovations in what's shaping up to be a fasincating few years for WordPress in 2013 and beyond. Is WordPress threatened by Tumblr? Can it make the transition to tablets? And will its new features make our lives more or less complicated? … [Read more...]

Is your Minimal Viable Product viable enough for YOU?


Eric Ries's Lean Startup approach promises to remove the uncertainty from your idea by providing a framework of constant testing and refining, helping you test your new idea at every stage of its development. If you're not sure whether you have a market for your product, you test your assumptions before you fully build it, using a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). It's designed to remove the uncertainty from building a startup, but there's one crucial aspect it misses - different people have very different perceptions of uncertainty. If you're not careful, the Lean Startup approach can feed your uncertainty, not remove it. Here's how. … [Read more...]

The secret pattern to Google’s recent updates


Have you noticed something about Google recently? Something's happening to its algorithm that's slowly creeping up on Web publishers big and small, threatening their livelihoods, and keeping SEOs guessing (and complaining). The constant changes over the past 18 months have led to rankings that are ever-changing, with no pattern to them, and no way to tell why one site ranks when another doesn't. But there is a pattern. Look carefully at the results of the updates, and you can infer Google's long-term goal. And it's not pretty! … [Read more...]