Here are some of the things I’ve worked on, or which are currently a work in progress.

My company – BunDance Media

BunDance Media is my umbrella company that covers all of my activities. Its stated aim is to help you turn your passion into a profitable business – which is what I did with BunDance Media for myself, and what I continue to do with all of my projects for other people.

Online Courses

The Gadget Blogger’s Blueprint is a complete 10-part course on how to create a profitable gadget blog, something I’ve a lot of experience with.

I’m following the lean startup methodology for this course, which I’ll talk more about in a later post.

The course structure is yet to be finalised, but a lot of the material has already been created. This is my first large course, which should go live later in the year, and is something I’m very excited about.


I’ve been a problogger since 2005, mainly blogging in the gadget niche, but I’ve also experimented with a variety of pure affiliate sites.

My most successful blog has been MobileMentalism, a gadget blog that I started in August 2005. MobileMentalism was my pride and joy, earning me a nice six figures in income – until Google killed it with the Panda upate early in 2011 due to a price comparison script I ran that contained over 200,000 duplicate pieces of boilerplate content.



But you learn from your mistakes, and the biggest mistake I made was relying far too heavily on Google traffic (that, and installing a price comparison script every other tech blogger was using!).

A costly mistake to make, but I learned so much from running this blog, and none of that has gone to waste. So I just see it as an expensive and long-running training course on the finer art of problogging 🙂


As well as my own online properties and courses, I also consult for other companies, helping them improve their Web strategies, or build new Web technologies to move into new areas of business.

I offer training, strategic advice to CEOs and managers, and coaching to development teams on the latest Web technologies that are emerging.

I’ve consulted in everything Web-related, from content marketing techniques for new startups, to SEO and PPC strategies, and Web development tools and techniques in the latest client – and server-side frameworks and languages.

This is very different from my blogging activities, but the rewards are just the same – helping people improve themselves or their business and watching the benefits as they implement my advice.


As well as being an online entrepreneur with my own company (BunDanceMedia) and a consultant, I’m also rather geeky. In fact, I’ve a PhD in Web technologies and have taught Computer Science at Universities across the UK for 10 years. I’ve even got over 30 published papers and a patent.

This is always quite a difficult thing to explain, though, as immediately people think I’m either too academic for business, too clever to be understood, or not academic enough! In reality, I’m none of those things – I just happen to love being at the cutting edge of technology, I write and research to an extremely high standard, I’m extremely creative with an entrepreneuiral spirit, and yet can explain things in a very human way as I’m a people person.

In other words, I’m an academic geek with a love of people and business!

I prefer to think of this as my Point Of Difference – what makes me, my advice and my training very different from everyone else on the Web.

I genuinely have a unique perspective on Web technology and strategy, from teaching it, researching it, and putting it into practice with my own business. Not many people can say that.

If you like the sound of that, and think you could use my services, then get in touch now.

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